Slushies are coming.....

We are adding fruit based Slushies to refresh you this summer.

Wow... AMI Stadium and Hagley Cricket Oval

Yeap,....its true.  So exciting that we will be bring these yummy donuts to you while you enjoy your sports too.

Donuts...are a cooking...But how?

If you want to see how the Mini Donuts are cooked.  Go to the link below.  
Our Mini Donuts are cooked in Rice Bran Oil.  We use this more expensive oil so that the product taste better and overall better than some other fats.
Watch the Donuts being cooked link
100% Rice Bran Oil

Premium rice bran oil extracted from GMO-free brown rice bran

  • No added antioxidants and preservatives
  • Rich in Vitamin E and natural antioxidants
  • Cholesterol and GMO FREE

Riceola® is 100% Rice Bran Oil and contains no artificial antioxidants or anti foaming agents. It has been extracted from the bran of rice grains. The bran contains the highest level of nutrients and is extracted for oil, protein, insoluble fiber and smaller amounts of soluble fiber.